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Registration as a member of MIPS

All PhD Students, who is doing their PhD Study in Magdeburg, can join to MIPS. To be registered as a member of MIPS, you should send a letter of inquiry to the coordinator of MIPS via e-mail: . The list of information, which is needed for the registration, is underhanded.

All members of MIPS are getting the MIPS-Newsletter (via E-mail) almost weekly. The membership stops in case of absence of response (the appropriate re-registration request will be send yearly). The membership stops also in case of absence of possibility to communicate via E-mail (as example, if your E-mail address is not anymore guilty). So, if you have second E-mail address, it is maybe better if you notify this as a reserve E-mail address to MIPS.

Why is it important to be registered as a member of MIPS:

1. To get all news promptly and to know about all interesting offers.

2. To get new friendships with another PhD Students during different MIPS-activities (excursions, sport-events, theater-visits).

3. To change the experiences with another PhD Students.

4. To enjoy the support and advises before and during the PhD study.


MIPS offers a lot of various activities. We inform you about the current activities in web on MIPS News  and/or with MIPS-Newsletter, which will be send via E-mail.


List of information, which is needed for the registration:

1. Surname, Name (please write what is what)

2. Gender (M / F)

3. Date of birth

4. Faculty/ Institute

5. PhD since (date) and till previously (date)

6. E-mail address (we recommend to submit also your reserve E-mail address)

7. Home Country / City

8. Native language

9. Language of mainly communication in Germany (German / English)

10. Telephone (not obligatory)

Please note, that Coordinator of MIPS is for safety of your data responsible! Your data will be not published and not given to some one else.

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